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Thom Lambert, BSc., Field Technician
  • Inventory field technician;
  • 33 years birding experience;
  • Haliburton Co-coordinator for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas;
  • Expertise in birds, dragonflies and butterflies;
Dr. David Lane, D.V.M
  • Practicing veterinarian, knowledgeable in wildlife medical techniques;
  • Advises on studies involving animal tranquilization or transmitter implantation;
  • Owner of Coast Mountain Veterinary Hospital, Whistler, BC.
Barrie Martin, BSc. Yours Outdoors
  • Owner of Yours Outdoors; a company specializing in education, tourism and community development;
  • 28 years of experience with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources where he worked as an Education Specialist at the Leslie Frost Natural Resources Centre;
  • Extensive experience in curriculum development; and event, workshop and conference planning;
  • Expertise in trail development, management and promotion;
  • Provides professional consulting services, and program development and delivery services to the public, not-for-profit and private sectors.
Peter McElwain, Forest Technician
  • Extensive forestry background executing sustainable forestry practices and research in both private and industry sectors;
  • Broad forest management experience in operational planning, harvesting, inventories, fibre marketing and field auditing;
  • Spent 11 years promoting Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Private Land Resource Management Certification in Central Ontario;
  • A Managed Forest Plan Approver (MFPA) for the Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources certified Tree Marker.
Ed Poropat, BA minor in Biology, Field Technician
  • Naturalist and Species at Risk (SAR) field technician;
  • Haliburton Co-coordinator for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas;
  • 38 years of birding experience;
  • Expertise in birds, dragonflies, butterflies and bats;
  • Conducts general floral and faunal inventories; 
  • Haliburton Highlands Land Trust 2008 Enviro Hero for Stewardship.
M. Tim Tinker, PhD
  • Advises on statistical analysis and has a strong background in scientific writing;
  • Experienced in field ecology, specializing in coastal habitats and marine mammals;
  • Currently Tim is completing a number of studies of sea otter ecology and is completing a post doctoral with the University of California.
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