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Forest Management

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Glenside conducts environmental site evaluations, habitat assessments and scoped biophysical studies, and peer reviews of such reports, required to support the planning process. Rigorous study design and standardized methodologies are applied to all studies to ensure reports are replicable and defendable.  

Environmental Site Evaluations
  • Background research of relevant documents and databases (e.g. NHIC database, aerial photographs, OMNR fish habitat typing, Provincial Policy Statement, Official Plans etc.);
  • Design and development of an environmental assessment scoped to the needs of the project;
  • Inventory, photo-documentation and accurate mapping of natural heritage functions and features;
  • Ecosite classification and interpretation
  • Species at Risk habitat assessments
  • Environmental constraint analyses
  • Integration into site plan of ecologically sound practices with appropriate and effective protection and mitigation measures (e.g. minimization of habitat fragmentation, preservation of wildlife corridors, buffering of core habitats etc.)
Fish Habitat Assessments
  • flowerLake review and consultation (OMNR, DFO, Municipality)
  • Onshore and nearshore slope assessments
  • Littoral zone substrate definition and mapping
  • Aquatic and shoreline vegetation sampling and mapping
  • Dock site location recommendations
  • Mitigation and restoration recommendations
Scoped Biophysical Studies
  • flowerSpecies specific and species group study design
  • Presence/absence and presence/not detected inventories
  • Relative abundance, mark recapture inventories
  • Species at Risk habitat suitability assessments and inventories
Peer Reviews
  • Peer review of natural heritage and ecological studies
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