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PROJECTS - Forest and Habitat Management
The following examples are some of the recent projects that Glenside has undertaken

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) Management Plans

Glenside has developed over 170 forest management plans for Private Landowners and the MFTIP program. Plan development has included the following:

  • Consulted with private landowners to define objectives;Mushroom
  • Compartmentalized properties into unique habitats;
  • Conducted field inventories to characterize compartments. Data included tree species composition, habitat features, Species at Risk, botanical inventories, wildlife sign and photo-documentation
  • Developed accurate and informative maps detailing compartments and habitat features. Maps developed in an ArcGIS platform and utilized all base data (i.e. contours, rivers, lakes, roads etc.)
  • Consulted with private landowners to define activities tailored to their objectives and the property features
  • Compiled detailed forest management planseligible for the MFTIP program
  • Glenside's received the 2009 and 2010 OMNR Award and Recognition for Best Managed Forest Plan and honourable mention in 2011 and 2012.
Harcourt Park Ecological Inventory

ForestHarcourt Park Inc.

  • Compartmentalized 7000 acre property into unique forest and wetland ecosites;
  • Conducted field inventories of compartments to verify tree species compositions and collect ground and shrub cover data;
  • Defined potentially suitable habitat for Species at Risk (SAR) and conducted scoped field inventories for SAR;
  • Developed a geo-referenced relational database to house and manage ecological compartment data and rare species observations;
  • Developed a module to calculate dynamic species compositions based on field data;
  • Developed dynamic ecological compartment profile reports
  • Developed dynamic reports to summarize species lists, percent coverage of ecosite classifications and rare species observations.
Life Science Inventory, Clear Lake Conservation Reserve

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Designed and conducted a life science inventory of the 1300 ha ClearFungus Lake Conservation Reserve, with a focus on songbirds, amphibians, insects and flora (upland and wetland)
  • Summarized and analyzed data to determine representation, condition, diversity, ecological considerations and special features
  • Created digital maps depicting landform/vegetation associations
  • Assessed wildlife habitat value and conducted forest ecosite classification
  • Plotted effort graphs to assess adequacy of observer effort
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