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PROJECTS - Research
The following examples are some of the research projects Glenside has participated in.

State of the Forest Report and Songbird Trend Analysis

Eastern Ontario Model Forest

  • Assessed forest health within Eastern Ontario using previously selected indicators
  • Utilizing Breeding Bird Survey data for species found within the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, population trend analyses were conducted and compared to Forest Bird Monitoring Program trends to assess changes in population levels over time
  • Trend estimates were based on estimating equations and conducted through the software ESTEQN (Collins, B.T. 1998)
  • This report was produced in cooperation with principal investigator, Lorne Johnson
Large Mammal Monitoring Plan, British Columbia

Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, NelsonColumbia Basin

  • Developed a long-term, large mammal monitoring plan for the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Region
  • Project included an extensive literature review and methodological recommendations; calculation of appropriate survey scheduling/intensity through the use of power analysis on sample data; presentation of detailed instructions for data collection and analysis; and development of a customized database application for both survey design and for storing, presenting and analyzing collected survey data
  • Also developed a comprehensive system of survey study areas and survey blocks for presentation in a GIS portfolio, in cooperation with Ian Parfitt, Biogeographics. These will be used for the design and analysis of future aerial ungulate surveys
Prairie Habitat Joint Venture Assessment Program, Alberta

Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research, Manitoba

  • Coordinated telemetry crew and trained staff in use of vehicle null-array systems and tracking techniques
  • Oversaw telemetry and coordinated wetland classification data collection
  • Trained and directed a crew of eight research technicians to systematically search the study area for waterfowl nests and monitor their hatching success
  • Surgically implanted radio transmitters in mallard hens
  • Coordinated a team to trap and band waterfowl using decoy-hen traps and survey predator tracks to determine relative abundance
Freshwater Harbour Seal Study, Quebec

University of Guelph/International Marine Mammal Association, Ontario

  • Captured, immobilized and fitted satellite transmitters on freshwater harbour seals;
  • Sampled tissue, stomach contents and otoliths from fish;
  • Conducted a fish stomach content analysis and prepared a report.
Thick-billed Murre Study, Nunavut

Canadian Wildlife Service, Canada

  • Captured and banded Thick-billed Murre chicks
  • Performed supplement feed and switch plot experiments
  • Conducted systematic observations to determine population status, feeding rate and peak fledgling period
Forest Fragmentation Study, Alberta

University of British Columbia, British Columbia

  • Performed point counts and spot maps of boreal song birds in various age/size classes of forest fragments
  • Nest surveys and behavioural observations to assess reproductive success
  • Surveyed and mapped grids and transect lines
Guanaco Parental Investment Study, Chile

Iowa State University, Iowa USA

  • Organized expedition crew for capturing, immobilizing and radio collaring of guanacos
  • Tracked animals via radio telemetry, conducted necropsies on carcasses
  • Collected behavioural data, performed censuses of population
Behavioural Monograph of White-collared Manakins, Belize

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.

  • Conducted mist netting and colour banding
  • Mapped lekking area and display courts; made behavioural observations
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