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PROJECTS - Species at Risk
The following examples are some of the recent projects that Glenside has undertaken

Species at Risk Habitat Modelling

HabitatDistrict Municipality of Muskoka/ Haliburton Highlands Land Trust

  • Researched habitat preferences of 27 Species at Risk
  • Compiled available spatial data and conducted data gap analysis
  • Developed new wetland coverage for habitat models
  • Developed habitat suitability models to predict probability of occurrences and scope field assessments
  • Conducted statistical analyses to determine significance of correlations between known occurrences and habitat suitability models
Wood Turtle and Peregrine Falcon Inventory

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/Ontario Ministry of Natural ResourcesWood Turtle Inventory

  • Conducted a desktop analysis of spatial data to identify suitable Wood Turtle aquatic habitat and Peregrine Falcon nesting habitat in the County of Haliburton
  • Conducted Wood Turtle inventories of selected rivers in accordance with OMNR standardized survey protocol
  • Verified Peregrine Falcon nesting habitat and conducted boat surveys to determine presence of resident Peregrine Falcons
  • Photo-documented and geo-referenced all suitable Peregine Falcon nesting sites
Blanding's Turtle Habitat Delineation

Blanding's TurtleHaliburton Highlands Land Trust/ The Land Between/OMNR

  • Correlated Blanding's Turtle observations with wetland habitat
  • Interpreted infrared high resolution aerial photography and accurately delineated wetland boundaries
  • Complexed and typed wetlands in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System
  • Identified 2596 ha and 50 wetland complexes of confirmed Blanding's Turtle habitat
Scoped Biophysical Report: Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
Eastern Hog-nosed SnakeTownship of Bracebridge
  • Conducted a field assessment of a property for potential habitat of the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake;
  • Assessed the appropriateness of the development; and
  • Recommended mitigation to ensure no negative impacts to sensitive species.
Turtles at Risk Inventory

Turtles at Risk InventoryPrivate Landowner/Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Designed study to determine presence of turtles at risk in proximity of proposed development;
  • Conducted spatial review of NHIC database to identify previously documented turtles at risk;
  • Identified and delineated wetlands and typed to Ecological Land Classification - Community Series;
  • Scope project based on range lengths of subject turtles;
  • Conducted field investigations and geo-referenced turtle observations;
  • Monitored effort and produced report detailing methodology and results.
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake and Five-lined Skink Inventory

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Conducted a desktop analysis of spatial data to identify suitable Eastern Hog-nosed Snake and Five-lined Skink habitat;
  • Cross-referenced habitat with parcel fabric to identify landowners and contacted to obtain access permission;
  • Stratified properties and conducted field investigations of suitable habitat;
  • Geo-referenced and photo-documented Species at Risk observations.
Species at Risk Natural Heritage Strategy

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/ The Land Between/OMNR

  • Defined habitat parameters for the Species at Risk in the County of Haliburton;
  • Conducted an analysis of existing spatial vector and rastor datasets to define gaps in the data required to delineate suitable habitat for the identified Species at Risk;
  • Modelled wetland categorization, steep slopes, aspect and meandering rivers; and
  • Conducted a multi-species analysis to define Species at Risk “hotspots” to allow the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust to prioritize properties for further assessment.
Snapping Turtle Study, Ontario

Snapping TurtleCanadian Wildlife Service/University of Guelph, Ontario

  • Located, measured and marked nesting female snapping turtles
  • Collected egg samples for incubation and contaminate analysis
  • Sampled tissue for contaminate analysis
Spotted Owl Distribution

British Columbia Conservation Foundation, British Columbia

  • Assessed spotted owl distribution using call playback and triangulation

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