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Glenside utilizes and manipulates existing digital themes (merging and editing themes such as adding a new fish habitat polygon etc.) and/or produces custom overlay maps to address specific environmental issues (e.g. delineating the adjacent lands of a provincially significant wetland). Glenside holds an OMNR Licensed Base Data User with on-site access to Land Information Ontario base data.The following is a list of some of the services that Glenside provides, and techniques that have been utilized in past contracts.
Desktop Site Analyses

Through the utilization of existing vector and rastor (aerial photography, satellite imagery) datasets, sites are analyzed and features delineated and interpreted.

  • Rectification and geometric transformation of raster datasets (e.g. aerial photographs, satellite imagery)
  • Wetland delineation and typing
  • Forest compartment identification, delineation and composition
  • Watershed and waterflow determination
  • Aspect and slope calculation
  • Buffer and setback application
Modelling and Data Analyses

Glenside geospatial analyses capabilities provide the necessary tools for the investigation of ecological functions such as the following:

  • Species habitat modelling
  • Ciircuit theory analysis using Circuitscape
  • Nearest point analysis to determine habitat correlations
  • Neighbouring polygon analysis to determine habitat diversity
  • Habitat quality assessment
  • Slope and aspect analysis using Digital Elevation Models
  • Management of attributes via seamless integration with Microsoft Access databases and geodatabases
Ground Verification

GPSUsing ArcGIS, ArcPad and a professional grade GPS unit with real-time correction and sub-metre accuracy, Glenside captures and verifies natural features in the landscape. Through a preliminary desktop analysis, the field investigation is scoped to optimize field work efficiency. Ground verification includes:

  • Field data collected in point, polyline and polygon shape file format with real-time correction and sub-metre accuracy.
  • Habitat sampling and delineation
  • Feature identication and geo-referencing
  • Trail mapping
  • Importation and Exportation of shape files between ArcPad/GPS and desktop ArcGIS
Trail Mapping and Layout Development

  • Trail mapping using a professtional grade GPS unit with real time correction
  • Trail layout development including consultation, preliminary desktop analyses, ground verification and marking
  • Production of trail maps for trailhead signage, brochures and websites



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