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PROJECTS - Wetlands
The following examples are some of the recent projects that Glenside has undertaken

Percy Lake, Pine Springs, Esson Lake, Lochlin, Horseshoe Lake, Jack Lake Wetland Evaluations

HabitatOntario Ministry of Natural Resources/ Ducks Unlimited Canada/ Private Landowners/ Property Owners Associations

  • Interpreted infrared aerial photography, identified and complexed wetlands in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES);
  • Conducted ground verification of identified wetlands, typed wetlands and soils;
  • Defined vegetation communities by vegetation form, and identified all dominant flora;
  • Delivered ArcGIS shape files of the outer wetland and inner vegetation community polygons for integration into OMNR NRVIS database;
  • Compiled full OWES data record.
Wetland Mapping Verification

Pitcher PlantTownship of Dysart et al/Private Landowners/Non-government Organizations

  • Conducted ground verification of wetland mapping for planning purposes;
  • Defined wetland edge in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System
  • Geo-referenced wetland edge using GPS system with sub-metre accuracy;
  • Developed maps and produced spatial data for integration into clients GIS systems.
Blanding's Turtle Habitat Delineation

Blanding's TurtleHaliburton Highlands Land Trust/ The Land Between/OMNR

  • Correlated Blanding's Turtle observations with wetland habitat
  • Interpreted infrared high resolution aerial photography and accurately delineated wetland boundaries
  • Complexed and typed wetlands in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System
  • Identified 2596 ha and 50 wetland complexes of confirmed Blanding's Turtle habitat
Kushog Lake Watershed: Wetland and Stream Desktop Analysis

Kushog lakeKushog Lake Property Owners Association

  • Digitally delineated all wetland boundaries using high resolution aerial photography, surface models, topography and other base data;
  • Remotely typed wetlands using high resolution aerial photography;
  • Prioritized wetlands for further investigation based on size, known occurrences of Species at Risk and/or wetland type;
  • Produced a map depicting wetlands and wetland type;  
  • Summarized findings with recommendations for further studies;
  • Results to be integrated into the Kushog Lake/ Lake St. Nora Lake Plan.
Integrating Enhanced Wetland Mapping into the Municipal Planning Process

Ducks Unlimited Canada

  • Facilitated the integration of new policy and mapping with existing natural heritage policy and mapping;
  • Addressed different policies for Provincially Significant Wetlands and other wetlands
  • Determined the best process for inclusion of mapping in the planning system
  • Determined the major barriers that prevent municipalities from adopting the new mapping and developed approaches to overcome those barriers;
  • Determined if the DUC Interim Protocol for Use (of wetland mapping) met the needs of the municipalities.
Wetland Mapping and Planning Strategy

County of Haliburton/ Township of Minden Hills

  • Consulted with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Ducks Unlimited Canada, on behalf of the County of Haliburton, to produce an to accurate wetland spatial coverage to planning purposes;
  • Participated in the development of a planning process strategy to direct the County in addressing development applications adjacent or within wetlands;
  • Reviewed and commented on wetland policy;
  • Field tested a rapid assessment technique to predict provincial significance of wetlands.


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