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The following details some of the recent data management and analysis projects Glenside has undertaken:

Circuit Theory

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/ Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund (OSARSF)

  • Modelled Blanding's Turtle movement corridors by analyzing the landscape as conductive surfaces, with low resistances assigned to landscape features that are most permeable to movement, and high resistances assigned to movement barriers;
  • Refined base data for model through extensive interpretation of high resolution digital aerial imagery;
  • Analyzed raster datasets using Circuitscape software called through an ArcGIS platform;
  • Analyzed differences between the distance of the modelled corridors from known Blanding's Turtle locations, and randomly generated points;
  • Model proved to be a valuable tool in identifying sites for turtle road mortality mitigation projects.

Sea Otter Database

Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) and the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, California, USA

  • Developed a relational Access database to provide sea otter care facilities with a comprehensive and powerful tool for recording, storing, summarizing and analyzing all types of data associated with the captive care of sea otters;
  • Data incorporated into SOD include: animal acquisition and disposition, feeding, housing, grooming,open-ocean training, behavioural observations, medical examination, medical diagnostics, scheduled activities, washing, and other data specific to otters stranded or rescued as a result of an oil spill;
  • Glenside consults with MBA biologists annually to manage and revise captive and wild sea otter databases (SOD) in accordance to the needs of the MBA;
  • This is an ongoing project and Glenside has been providing data management services to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for over 18 years.

Blanding's Turtle Habitat Delineation

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/ Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund (OSARSF)

  • Correlated Blanding's Turtle observations with wetland habitat;
  • Interpreted high resolution aerial imagery and accurately delineated wetland boundaries;
  • Complexed and typed wetlands in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System;
  • Identified over 5000 ha and 92 wetland complexes of confirmed Blanding's Turtle habitat to inform conservation efforts.

Kushog Lake Watershed: Wetland and Stream Desktop Analysis

Kushog Lake Property Owners Association

  • Digitally delineated all wetland boundaries using high resolution aerial imagery, surface models, topography and other base data;
  • Remotely typed wetlands using high resolution aerial imagery;
  • Prioritized wetlands for further investigation based on size, known occurrences of Species at Risk and/or wetland type;
  • Produced a map depicting wetlands and wetland type, and summarized findings with recommendations for further studies;
  • Results to be integrated into the Kushog Lake/ Lake St. Nora Lake Plan.

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