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The following details some of the recent shoreline restoration projects Glenside has undertaken:

Sam Slick Park Shoreline Restoration Plan and Demonstration Site

Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association

  • Conducted field assessment to identify opportunities to demonstrate soft shoreline restoration techniques;
  • Prescribed coir log remediation, buffer enhancements and access point development to restore various levels of stability, habitat and aesthetics;
  • Identified plants to be used in restoration based on ecosite and soils and mapped planting effort;
  • Produced comprehensive plan detailing field assessment, mitigation and cost estimate;
  • Coordinated and supervised shoreline restoration and planting;
  • Developed interpretative signage and messaging for general public.

Marcus Beach Shoreline Restoration Plan

Marcus Beach Cottage Owners Association, Kashagawigamog Lake

  • Conducted comprehensive shoreline assessment to identify areas requiring erosion control and restoration, and opportunities for shoreline naturalization;
  • Analyzed soils, and nearshore and onshore slopes;
  • Assessed impact of geese populations and invasive species;
  • Consulted with Marcus Beach Association to identify constraints (i.e. viewscapes, access points, docks etc.);
  • Defined and georeferenced compartments and developed prescriptions detailing recommended restoration, naturalization and geese management;
  • Prioritized compartments based on severity of erosion;
  • Developed compartment specific cost estimates for material and labour;
  • Developed permit application and assisted in tendering process.

Private Landowner Shoreline Restoration Plans

Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association

  • Developed shoreline restoration and naturalization plans for private landowners under funding from the Great Lakes Guardian Fund;
  • Conducted site visits to assess shoreline erosion and identify opportunities for naturalization;
  • Consulted with landowners to identify recreational constraints (i.e. viewscapes, access points, docks etc.);
  • Developed site specific planting prescriptions with detailed species list and cost estimates;
  • Provided general vegetative buffer restoration guidelines.

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